How to make your produce last longer to save trips to the grocery store

How to make your produce last longer to save trips to the grocery store

We are in the middle of a global pandemic and many of us are trying to limit our trips to the
outside world, including grocery stores. Going into a grocery store today means wearing a mask,
keeping space between fellow shoppers and following a pattern while we shop. We need to keep food
in the fridge for our family but why not find ways to help make our produce last longer.

Here are some great ideas to keep your produce in the fridge or on your counter lasting as long
as possible.

  • Bananas: Bananas give off a gas called ethylene which makes produce go bad quickly. Brown bananas
    you can use in a banana bread recipe or freeze them for use in a smoothie later. To keep your green or
    yellow bananas as fresh as possible, take a piece of cellphone and wrap the stems tightly. This will stop
    the ethylene from releasing and making them go bad. Also, do not store two bunches beside each
    other. If one is further along in the ripening process, then the other bunch will go bad faster.
  • Celery: To keep celery up to a month, wrap the stalks tightly in tinfoil and place into your fridge crisper.
    Don’t wrap in plastic.
  • Potatoes and Onions: Potatoes and onions need to be stored in a cool, dry place like your pantry. DO
    NOT put them beside each other as potatoes give off ethylene which then will make the onions go bad.
  • Tomatoes: Do not refrigerate your tomatoes as the cool temperatures will make the tomatoes lose
    their taste. Store your tomatoes outside of the fridge with their stems up, like they are still on the vine.
    Turning tomatoes upside down will cause them to bruise and spoil sooner.
  • Apples: Apples are the best option for longevity! They are good for you, affordable, kids love them,
    easy to eat and they will last for weeks in the fridge.
  • Asparagus: Take a glass filled with water and put the bunch of asparagus, bottoms down in the glass.
    Cover the tops with plastic. Change the water every few days to keep your asparagus lasting!

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