How to use everyday products in unique ways

When we buy staples like tinfoil and paper towels for our homes, we think of their uses in a traditional way.  Check out creative ways to use household products in your home in ways that you never thought of.

  • Paper Towels:
    • Corn on the cob – Use a wet paper towel to remove the silk in a quick and easy way.  Never take forever picking the silk off piece by piece.
    • Frozen loaf of bread – When placing a loaf of bread into the freezer, cover the entire loaf inside of the plastic with a paper towel.  When you take the loaf of bread out to thaw, the paper towel will take all of the moisture so that your bread won’t be soggy.
  • Tinfoil:
    • Hard brown sugar – If you have placed your brown sugar into your pantry and it gets hard as a rock, wrap it tight in tinfoil.  Turn your oven to 300 degrees and for 5 minutes, place in oven and your brown sugar will come out soft, ready to use.
    • Cleaning – Roll a piece of tinfoil into a ball to clean your BBQ grill in a pinch or your pots and pans.
    • Cookie cutter – If your kids want to bake cookies and you don’t have any cookie cutters, fold tinfoil back and forth into a tight strip.  With just some scotch tape, form the tinfoil into the cookie cutter shape that you want.
  • Toothpaste:
    • Crayons on walls – Using a non-gel toothpaste, you can easily remove crayon from your walls.  Using a rag or toothbrush, rub over the crayon spot and then use a wet sponge to remove the toothpaste.  Your wall will be crayon free!
    • Clean your iron or the white rubber on your running shoes the same way.
  • Dishsoap:
    • DIY ice pack – In a pinch if you need ice for your cooler and your fridge runs out, pour dishsoap into a ziploc bag and freeze.  It works amazing.
    • Fruit fly catcher – In a glass, pour white vinegar and 3 drops of dishsoap and you have an instant fruit fly catcher. The dishsoap cuts the surface of the vinegar and the fruit flies will fly in and can’t get out.

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