Refresh and Reset Your Home This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and reset your home! Find many ways below to help you clean and prepare your home, including your kitchen, laundry room and bedroom with smart ideas.

Find a vacuum that has flexibility to reach all areas in your home.

As we spring clean, we want to vacuum areas that we wouldn’t normally reach on a weekly basis like under couches, curtains and those hard to reach corners of your ceiling where cobwebs accumulate. The HX1 is a cordless, 3-in-1 vacuum, that allows you to reach tight spaces, get the hard to reach areas and then open spaces.  It’s only 8 pounds, lasts for 60 mins of a charge and stores easily!

Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum

Miele CA | Premium Domestic Appliances

For your laundry, choose less chemicals without compromising on clean

Spring is the time when your laundry may be running on overdrive as you wash winter clothes and put them away for the summer.  When storing winter clothes in plastic tubs, place acid-free tissue paper between each sweater to prevent colours from running or getting caught on each other.  When getting ready to wash all of your winter gear, take care and read the label when making laundry choices for your family.  With just 6 essential ingredients, cleaner, stain remover, booster, baking soda, water softener and fragrance (and water), you get the cleaning power while avoiding chemicals.

Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple Liquid Laundry Detergent

Get your hands and body clean after a busy day cleaning your home

During the pandemic, there has been a great focus on everyone in our family washing their hands!  Especially after you do a deep spring clean, make sure you get rid of all of the dust and work that you have accumulated.  Dial has just launched their new Clean & Gentle line including hand wash and body wash.  These are ideal for use during and after long spring-cleaning sessions, whether you are cleaning your hands or taking a long, hot shower or bath! When washing your hands, hum Happy Birthday two times and you will have washed them long enough!

Dial Clean & Gentle Foaming Hand Wash & Body Wash

Spring is the perfect time for new bedding

Nothing feels better than brand new bedding and spring is the time to update your sheets.  Pillows don’t last forever and sheets do wear out so when you are spring cleaning, this is the perfect time to upgrade your bedding.  Also, do you know which way your fitted sheet is supposed to go on your bed?  Look for the tag and make sure that goes to the bottom right corner of your mattress and it will always be on the right way!

he REST brand by Giant Tiger was created to provide solutions for “Healthier Homes and a Healthier You” and they have all of your bedding needs from pillows, sheets to mattress toppers.

REST by Giant Tiger

Home – Giant Tiger


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