The mornings are the busiest time of the day for families as we get our kids ready for school and ourselves ready for the work day.  Here are smart ways to prep your mornings to make everything run a little smoother with less panic!

Make the night before productive

  • On Sunday night, prep a healthy breakfast option for your family that can last for a few days into the week. Find ingredients that are ready to eat and can be added to a family-favourite recipe without sacrificing on homemade quality.   Why not make a breakfast enchilada and add Maple Leaf’s diced ham that are made with natural ingredients and with no artificial preservatives?  Also pack all lunches and leave in the fridge so they are ready to grab and go in the morning.

We’re For Real | Maple Leaf Foods

  • There is no need to fight with your kids about what they are wearing early in the morning.  For your kids, let them pick their clothes the night before and lay them on their dresser so they are ready to go.  For busy moms, if you are going to work out, lay your workout clothes the night before.

  • Pack all backpacks for school and briefcases the night before. Have everyone’s shoes out and leave everything by the door your exit from.

A little boost of energy can go a long way

Make your mornings smoother for your entire family.  Add Kraft Peanut Butter, a staple in all of our homes, to your morning toast or smoothie to get a great source of energy to start your day.

Kraft Peanut Butter at Kraft Canada Cooking

Prep your coffee or tea                                     

If you have an automatic coffee maker, you can preset the time and type of brew you want and start it before you wake. If you are a tea drinker like me, leave your mug with the tea bag and sugar next to your filled kettle for the morning.

Empty your dishwasher

Make sure to load and run your dishwasher before you go to bed.  You will wake up with dishes clean and put them away early in the day.  This will ensure you aren’t scrambling for dishes for any meals.

Leave backpacks, briefcases and shoes by the door

Pack all backpacks for school and briefcases the night before.  Have everyone’s shoes out and leave everything by the door your exit from.

Make sure your plastics cupboard is organized to help you feel less rushed

There is nothing more stressful then reaching into your plastics cupboard and lids don’t match with containers.  Instead of searching during your busy morning, make organization easy with Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids. Bases nest inside of each other, one lid fits multiple bases and lids and bases snap together to keep everything organized.

Rubbermaid Home Page | Rubbermaid

Make your bed daily and get new sheets on for spring

Nothing feels better than a fresh set of sheets.  As soon as you are up, immediately make your bed.  Your room looks more together, and you will feel great when you get into bed at night.  Spring is also the time to chance your sheets from the winter months.  The REST brand by Giant Tiger was created to provide solutions for a “Healthier Homes & a Healthier You”.  From sheets, to pillows, to mattress toppers, antimicrobial technology eliminates odour causing bacteria and keeps your sheets fresher longer.

Home – Giant Tiger

Wake up earlier

Set your alarm 30 mins earlier than you normally would.  This is my favourite time of the day, when everyone is still sleeping and I can both enjoy the peace as well as get everything ready for the day ahead.

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