We are in the heart of winter which means for many of us, snow!  The cold and snow while beautiful, means many tasks to manage and gear to be ready to go. Below find some smart ways to manage the cold weather and to have fun with your family.

Shoveling Your Driveway

Do you struggle with every toss of snow into the snowbank?  Spray your shovel with cooking spray before your start and every time the snow will easily fly off!

Tall Boot Storage

When you wear your long boots and try to store them do they fall down in your closet or front hall?  Cut a pool noodle to fit the height of your boot, insert and they will strand straight up!

Dry Wet Boots          

No need to throw your wet boots into the dryer.  Just crumple up newspaper, place inside wet boots and the newspaper will take the moisture away.

Don’t Let Your Windshield Wipers Stick

If you park your car outside, before you go in for the night, place long socks on each of your windshield wipers so you are ready to go in the morning.

Stay Inside and Make Fake Snow

Too cold to go outside or live in a place where there isn’t snow?  Using just shaving cream and baking soda, you can mix them together to make fake snow for great sensory play!

Fancy whip cream for the winter months

Using a cake pan or cookie sheet, freeze whip cream and use cookie cutters to form shapes.  A perfect addition to your hot chocolate on a cold day

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