Mom has been everything to her family over the past seven months including home school teacher!  Lifestyle and parenting expert, Sherri French is here today with some cool ways to spoil and pamper mom as life starts back with a somewhat normal and daily routine again in our lives.

Dry your hair with an all in one option to save time and look amazing


Hair Blow Dryer Brush

  • 2-in-1 blow dryer brush that combines a round brush and blow dryer in one
  • Ultralight (less that a pound) and is oval in shape that gives root lift and volume

Get great at home skin care to save trips to the spa


Peptide Night Cream

  • Everyone is wearing masks so dry and skin irritation is very common
  • The night cream is the most effective way to soothe and calm any irritation
  • Apply before bed and wake up with softer and smoother skin

Use code MOMHINT for 30% off

Put makeup on even if you aren’t leaving your house

Hey Babe Cosmetics

  • Created by a mom of 2 (Nicole Abbott), widowed twice by the age of 46
  • Went back to what she knew to support her children, a makeup artist
  • Her favorite lipstick from Sheseido was discontinued so she first created a lipstick, Girl Power, and then grew the line into products for lips, eyes and face
  • Every sale gives back to foundations created at two different hospitals to support cancer research

Use code MOMHINT for 20% off

Keep your dress under control


Dress Weights Starter Kit

  • You don’t plan for your dress to fly up, but it happens
  • The dress weights are portable and come in a carrying case, so you can always have them on hand
  • They stick to the inside hem, so no one sees them and they are reusable

Use code MOMHINT for 10% off

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