We are all well into our back to school routines and we want to make great choices to help everyone in our family as we look for peace of mind.  Here are some smart ideas to help alleviate some stress in your daily life!

With back to school that means lice, so try to avoid getting them all together

Instead of fighting and stressing if your kids get lice at school, why not be proactive with their hair?  Shield has a 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner that is powered by a blend of 5 essential oils and that is proven to repel lice in laboratory tests.   Don’t fight the lice after, do the easy work before.


Fall means changes in our skin so keep your dry, itchy and sensitive skin at bay

As moms, we always look to find the best products for our babies’ skin.  We should also make sure we are doing the same for ourselves especially when the seasons change and our skin starts to change and become drier and more sensitive in the fall months.  As adults we can find skin help with Aveeno’s Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion and Body Wash.  It absorbs fast and it made for sensitive skin.  Formulated with colloidal oat, they are great for the upcoming fall and winter months when our skin and our family’s skin feels extra-dry and needs some additional moisture.

Alleviating financial uncertainty before the baby arrives

Before my girls were born and as an expecting parent, I was excited but also feeling overwhelmed. I had read a ton of books and bought everything that I thought I needed, but I still felt stressed about the unknown that comes with greeting a new little human into the family. To help manage the stress, take advantage of the time you have before your baby’s arrival to get ahead and get organized. How? By doing things such as signing up for food delivery, ordering groceries online and also taking the opportunity to get your finances in order. Maybe you’re looking to get a new credit card to help manage it all, but are worried about the uncertainty of applying. I’ve recently found a tool to help navigate financial uncertainty – it’s Quick Check from Capital One. The tool allows you to find out within seconds and with 100% certainty* which of their credit cards you will be approved for, before you even apply and without impacting your credit score.  If only you could be that certain about how things will turn out once the baby arrives, right? To learn more about the tool that has helped over 1 million Canadians, visit capitalone.ca/lifeandcredit. *Conditions and limitations apply.

The seasons have changed so make sure you are ready at home for cold season

Cold and flu season is approaching so we need to be prepared to manage colds as soon as anyone in our family starts to feel sick.  Keep Vicks Early Defence Nasal Spray on hand at home that will help to trap, block and remove cold viruses within early stage of infection.  When anyone in the house starts to have a light cough or a tickle in their throat, use the spray within 36 hours to help risk developing a full-blown cold.

When heading on a road trip, make sure to pack everything you need

Fall activities often mean trips in the car whether its heading to pick apples, driving to see family for Thanksgiving or heading off to sporting events.  With kids reading in the car or focusing on their electronics, motion sickness can be a big stress for these road trips.  Keep Gravol Immediate Release & Long-Acting Caplets in your purse or first aid kit in the car to make sure if one of the passengers in your car start to feel off, you never need to worry.  You can take on any fall adventure without the fear of nausea getting in the way

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