Ways to experience travel during the coronavirus summer

Travel has taken a new look this summer with many of us choosing to stay home and keep our families safe.  Here are some smart and fun solutions to travel and learn from the comfort of your own home.

  • Organize travel photos
    • How many of us travel, take photos and leave them on our phones or camera?  Take this time to organize and present them in a beautiful 50 States Map.
    • Thunder Bunny Labs 
    • Use code MOMHINT for free personalization

  • Kids can learn about culture without having to travel to exotic places!
    • Not just fun facts, but learn about history, unique foods, art, music, introduction to languages and more.  Kids loves to see how other kids live.  Let our kids become global citizens so that they are curious explorers, empathetic, understanding and appreciative.
    • Womple Studios
    • Use code MOMHINT for $5 off any subscription


  • Want to bake the Parisian way without having to go to Paris?
    • La Cuisine Paris online offers step by step online cooking class videos about your favourite French food topics such as croissants, macarons and baguettes.  They are the #1 rated cooking school in Paris.
    • La Cuisine Paris


Virtual Landmark and Museum Visits for free

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