Creative Thanksgiving Traditions in 2020

Creative Traditions for Thanksgiving 2020 Thanksgiving this November may not be exactly what we are used to for our families.  While the table may not be as full of family members, here are some ways to remember family traditions, but also embrace new ones that can create memories for future holidays. Embrace the past– Find… continue reading

Making Halloween Memorable in 2020

Halloween will be here before we know it and conversations are already starting in our local neighborhoods.  This year Halloween is on a Saturday, so there is a lot of time that day to be festive and enjoy the day as a family.  Here are some creative ideas to make your Halloween memorable for your… continue reading

How to Reduce Kitchen Waste

Waste comes in many shapes and sizes, and as families, we can find interesting ways to reduce the amount of waste in our kitchen.  Find four ways your family can help eliminate waste in your kitchen including water, food, time and recyclables. Water Do you know that pre-rinsing your dishes before putting them in the… continue reading

Pamper and Spoil Mom

Mom has been everything to her family over the past seven months including home school teacher!  Lifestyle and parenting expert, Sherri French is here today with some cool ways to spoil and pamper mom as life starts back with a somewhat normal and daily routine again in our lives. Dry your hair with an all… continue reading

Preserving Your Fall Harvest

With fall just around the corner, our home gardens are plentiful and farmers markets are loaded with produce.  Here are some smart and creative ways to lengthen the life of your produce, so you can enjoy them through the winter months, even if you aren’t an expert. Blanching Some produce may need to be blanched… continue reading

Home Workspace Organization

School is back and for many families, this means either full or part-time virtual classes for their children. Lifestyle and parenting expert, Sherri French is here today with some home workspace organization solutions that will make your workspace more organized, efficient and fun for hours of work at home. Connected Home Calendar Being organized starts… continue reading

Hockey At Home

Alternate Summer Vacation

Ways to experience travel during the coronavirus summer Travel has taken a new look this summer with many of us choosing to stay home and keep our families safe.  Here are some smart and fun solutions to travel and learn from the comfort of your own home. Organize travel photos How many of us travel,… continue reading

Home Sweet Summer Camp Part 1

Fun ways to recreate summer camp at home! With so many summer camps being cancelled or we, as parents, are choosing to keep our kids at home, here are some creative ways to recreate a summer camp itinerary at home. Project Sunscreen (sunscreen): The unique rollerball design allows for a ‘no mess, no waste’ application… continue reading

Household Hints Using Everyday Products

How to use everyday products in unique ways When we buy staples like tinfoil and paper towels for our homes, we think of their uses in a traditional way.  Check out creative ways to use household products in your home in ways that you never thought of. Paper Towels: Corn on the cob – Use… continue reading